30 April 2010

Love Letter to a Writer

Dear Writer,

You have passed into the Middle of your journey with this project. The moment you began writing, you entered the exotic new world of writing. Yes, you've written before now but that was before you had a plot, let alone several, and a plan. You left behind the uncertainty, the blind pursuit of a dream. 

Now, you know where you are going and why. 

Promise me something.

Promise me you'll steer clear of your own ego in this brave new world you've entered. An ego wants something. 

See yourself as the creator of this story = ego and imbalance. 

See yourself as the conduit = cooperation and balance. 

Guide the story along the parameters you have planned. Do not let your analytical mind offer suggestions, changes, improvements. Over the past weeks, your analytical mind has served you well as you plotted and planned, schemed and researched. The moment you crossed the threshold into writing, your analytic mind shape-shifted from ally to antagonist. Always the Middle is fraught with antagonists as a way to test you, distract you, interfere with your success.

Don't get slowed down. Stay in the moment of the writing itself. Your story lives within you. Write with it rather than about it. 

Lots of surprises await both your story and you. 

Enjoy the process,
Martha aka Plot Whisperer