05 May 2010

Deepest Gratitude

For the second year running, Plot Whisperer blog is awarded 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest magazine -- quite a thrill.

Last year, we fit in Publishing Resources which resulted in a shift in my own personal take on this blog. In order to be published, writers need a solid structure and sound plot for their novels, memoirs, and screenplays. I got it....

This year, we fall under Writing Advice. I am in the company of 16 other blogs/websites. Having been chosen out of more than 3500 nominations is a high honor indeed.

Thank you Writers Digest for the help you offer writers everywhere. Thank you for finding Plot Whisperer a "valuable website for the writing life." Thank you for believing I am "always inspiring." Ha! No, really. Thank you. You make me feel like an insider. For one who routinely hovers on the sidelines, I am honored. Your recognition fuels my passion to keep at this plot and structure work I do with writers.

Thank you writers and reader for following this blog, commenting, and sharing your success stories along the way.

Deepest gratitude to you...