31 December 2011

4th Annual Plot Writing Month ~~ Day Thirty-one

Today marks the final day of the 4th Annual International Plot Writing Month also known as PostNaNoPlotPerfection aka PlotWriMo for writers intent on crafting a story that is pleasing to the reader and perhaps on finding a bit of enlightenment along the way.

Thank you for visiting and following along. I'm pleased to hear the information has helped so many of you prepare for your next rewrite and that you're confident and ready to begin writing in the new year.

Tonight after all the festivities of saying goodbye to '11 and greeting '12, before you fall asleep, see yourself tomorrow going through each step of the writing ritual you imagined for yourself during yesterday's assignments. Really see yourself writing, for even longer than the time you scheduled. Ask the "powers that be" to help support your efforts in the morning and to show you in ways that only the great beyond is able to that you have been heard...

If you fell behind on the re"vision" of the overall plot arc of your novel, memoir, screenplay or simply wish to follow along with the International Plot Writing Month anytime of the year you wish, click HERE.

If you wish to deepen your understanding of the Universal Story and learn how it assists you in writing a novel, memoir, screenplay, click HERE.

If you wish to deepen your plot at the scene level, click HERE.

Continue to visit here for inspiration as I unwind from plot consultations and comment on the problems writers confront in their process and offer tips to keep going.

My intention is and always has been to help support writers to keep at the business of writing.

May all your dreams come true next year...

(***Click on the highlighted plot concepts for novel, memoir and screenplay examples and further explanations via video. Each time a concept is referenced you are directed to new information about the Universal Story and plotting a novel, memoir or screenplay.)

To familiarize yourself with the Universal Story and the basic plot terms we use throughout December:

1) Read The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master (Now also as a Kindle edition)

2) Watch the Plot Series: How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? on YouTube. A directory of all the steps to the series is to the right of this post. 27-step tutorial on Youtube

3 Watch the Monday Morning Plot Book Group Series on YouTube. A directory the book examples and plot elements discussed is to the left of this post.

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