13 April 2010

Light a Candle

Go only where you feel cared for and supported; where everyone sees you as perfect.

How are you doing in that department when it comes to you and your writing? Do you care for yourself enough to show up for your writing? Are you supportive of your passion for writing? Do you see yourself as perfect? Do you see your work as perfect?

The relationship we have with our writing is reflective of our relationship with ourselves.
  • Show up daily for your writing 
  • Light a candle
  • Ask for guidance and support
  • Begin writing
  • Quit writing before you begin to lose energy for what you are doing, before you begin to trash talking your work, before you despair. Quit while you're still in the flow, feeling good about yourself and the process of creating something out of nothing on the page
  • Blow out the candle
  • Ask the smoke to take your thanks and gratitude for your writing to the source of all creation
Our stories represent a deep and passionate calling. 

Begin a new relationship with yourself as a writer.