06 April 2010

Shift from Wantabe to Writer

Comment from a writer I'm working with that shifted the same writer from resistance and excuses to consistent, daily writing and led to this post: 

"My identity is not wrapped up in the book. I am just the writer."

This is big. From my work with writers, I've seen that the more invested the writer in the end result = creating the great American novel that will give them status and awards and attention and respect or, in other words, self-enhancement, are the writers who struggle the most and take the longest to finish, especially the first draft. 

The more our egos are attached to the outcome, the more difficult the process of writing.

Identification means you're someone when successful and that you are no one when you're lacking. 

The more you identify with the end result, the more difficult it is to stay in the now of putting one word on the page at a time and the easier it is to listen to the internal antagonists as they whisper doubts and tell you you're not good enough, don't do enough, don't deserve success, aren't smart enough...

The more your ego is involved in the outcome, the less able you are to actually write.

Writing and every other artistic endeavor is linked to the act of creation and is meant to be honored. 

When you separate yourself from the identification of "my" book, you create distance which allows inspiration to flow.