16 May 2014

Same Old Story

Just like the protagonist of your story, you, too, have a story behind the story of your life.

We explain things that happen to us, justify our feelings and relive the past through stories rich with emotion that we tell ourselves. We bring our stories into every relationship and fit them around every experience.

Memories about the past and fantasies about the future run in our minds behind the living we’re actively engaged in the present moment and emerge in conversation as we interact with others. Stories that originate in our past grow as we repeat them over and over again until they become the truth we live by.

The lucky ones have wondrous memories to savor and hopeful futures to imagine. For some of us, the stories we've locked ourselves in limit and hurt and keep us small and wounded.

In reality, stories are merely a collection of words we string together and weave with emotion to make sense of our lives and life around us. Our stories now influence every choice and belief about ourselves and life itself. While following tradition and society’s expectations into one dead-end moment after another, blundering into detours and wandering aimlessly, a map comes in handy.

The Universal Story is that map.

Let the Universal Story guide you into unraveling the crippling words that haunt you and form them into a full understanding of the true power that resides in you. Transform the stories you tell yourself from limiting to expansive. Break free from all the stories, relationships and beliefs holding you back. Transform your everyday life.