25 May 2014

How Do I Revise My Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? A Simple 30-Step Revision Process

In every story's life, there comes a time when an assessment of what you're doing with all those words is needed. What is the whole of your creation? Rather push words around on the page, spend time revising instead. Identify, cut, add, organize, deepen, refine the concept, characters, action and meaning of the scenes of your story at the design level before you actually undertake a major rewrite.

Learn your story's strengths and weaknesses in the revision process. No writing required. Instead, step back and consider the overall concept and design, characters, plot and meaning of your story. Push aside the words and analyze the characters and dramatic action and thematic significance you've written to craft the project into a coherent piece worthy of publication.

Follow the 1st 4 steps towards a complete revision on this free trailer for PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month:

Brainstorm for an effortless rewrite. 

The first draft of any writing project is considered the generative phase. The muse is often responsible for much of the generative phase. The writer acts as a conduit and allows the inspiration to come through onto the page. The generative phase is all about getting the words on the page. At the end of the generative phase, a writer is often faced with a manuscript full of holes and missteps, confusion and chaos. Editing in the generative phase risks stifling the muse, which often results in stagnation.

When a writer completes the generative phase the real work begins—crafting the words into a coherent story. This is where International Plot Writing Month comes into play. Many writers, when left with pages and pages of words, are often at a loss as to how to take their writing to the next level. Rather than shove the words about on the page, follow the step-by-step exercises and craft what you have into a viable story.

PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month is designed for writers preparing for major rewrite, interested in seeing your novel, memoir, screenplay in a new light, needing a boost and a restored belief in your story to once again be productive and for writers passionate about to deepening your craft of writing and creating a story made up of dramatic action, compelling characters and thematic significance.
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