14 May 2014

PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month

As the Plot Whisperer, I hear from writers who have written lots and lots and lots of words. They've pre-plotted and pondered meaning. They pin up photos of characters they imagine in the flesh and settings that capture the mood. And still, their story lies there, nearly dead. Often, I'm their last hope. Or, so they think...

I am thrilled to announce the unveiling of the new and improvedto help you prepare for a powerful rewrite. 6 years in the making. Hundreds of writers taking part annually. Always in December. And, each year around mid-month, I'd watch the number of writers beginning the program fresh after generating 50,000 words and eager to form all those words into a story readers will love… or at least the writer herself loves slowly begin to dwindle. As the demands of the year's end celebrations closed in, I'd wonder what happens to writers who didn't finished? What sort of struggle and confusion will they face at the first major rewrite in the new year without questioning and revising all the necessary story elements first and what will that mean to their year overall?

I can't express to you how happy I am to share the new and improved PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month now available whenever you need help.
Like overs in a game you believe you may have already lost, PlotWriMo allows you to dig back into your story. Resurrect your ideas and clarify your vision, perfect your plot, test your themes, re-adjust your pacing, re-evaluate your words, re-envision the greatness you once believed in your novel, memoir, screenplay.

My literary agent, friend and partner in A Path to PublishingJill Corcoran adds a depth and breath to PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month beyond helping writers revise the thousands and thousands of words you generate into an actual novel with a plot. Along with step-by-step exercises revising:
  • Character and Action
  • Meaning and Theme
  • Structure and Design
  • Transformation and Emotion
  • Subplots and Secondary characters
  • Cause and Effect
Now, thanks to Jill, our 8 video 5.5 hour revision series also supports you in revising your all-important
  • Story concept and Manuscript Voice 
  • Pacing and Hook 
  • Polish and Every Word Perfect
The best part? Rather than wait until the busiest time of the year, start revising your novel, memoir, screenplay right now today!
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