14 June 2009

Best Websites for Writers by Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest Magazine recently award Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers as one of 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2009.

Whittled down from 2,700 nominations, this year -- the 11th -- the list of 101 Best Websites for Writers is divided into eight sections. 

That Plot Whisperer fit in "Publishing Resources" makes me consider the blog differently than I have in the past. 

Plot Whisperer is the blog for Blockbuster Plots for Writers. As such, it started as a place for writers to read weekly updated tips about how to create plot and find ways out of some of the plot (plot being defined in terms of character, action, and theme) and structure pitfalls that confront all writers when creating novels, screenplays, musicals, memoirs, short stories, music videos. 

Plot Whisperer is a blog. As such, I often poll other bloggers on their "take" of the writing process. I was surprised at how blasé many bloggers are to the idea of plot and planning and rewriting and revisions. I slowly have come to understand that blogging is a vastly different forum than the writing those writers do who come to me for plot consultations and help.

Based on writers and bloggers feedback and now this award, I understand that I speak best to writers who have been published and want to be again, and those who want their work published for the first time -- whether a blatant desire or a secret kept even from themselves. 

To be published, a story has to speak on a multitude of levels to the reader as much, if not more, as to the writer herself. 

Thank you Writers Digest both for this prestigious honor and for helping me hone in on what exactly I do offer. 

And thanks to each of you who follow this blog; offer your comments, questions and support; have signed up for the free monthly Plot Tips eZine; and nominated this blog for this wonderful award and recognition. 

You keep Plot Whisperer alive to support writers everywhere make their dreams come true.