11 October 2012

Plot Question & Answer (Halfway Point)

I've read three of your works: The Plot Whisperer and Workbook and Blockbuster Plots: Pure and Simple and have enjoyed your approach.

In a recent post, you write about the difference between Crisis and Climax and give ample illustrations in your books.

However, many writers on the craft refer to "the mid-point reversal", an event that sends the hero toward the crisis. Something has to happen at the mid point that changes the plot or the character and a new goal comes out of that.

In your opinion, how important is the MPR and what, if any thing, matches the MPR in the Universal story you promote?

What you call the mid-point reversal or MPR sounds like the same thing as the Recommitment scene or the Halfway Point in the Universal Story. 

The scene that functions as the halfway point and recommitment scene is so important that it qualifies as one of 4 Energetic Markers, a scene with enough energy to turn the story in an entirely new direction.

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