17 October 2012

NaNoWriMo Antagonist Development

Question: I'm wondering if it's required to have a physical antagonist in a story. My character's main antagonist is herself, and I have more unnamed antagonists and obstacles but I think I'm floundering for lack of a more specific enemy; with a face and a name and a past.

Answer: Emphasis is given to the protagonist's character emotional development because the transformation a character undergoes is critical to writing a great story.

Yet it's important to remember that the protagonist is only as good as her antagonists.

A story does not require that you have a physical antagonist with a face and a name and a past. However, by creating an external antagonist(s), you afford yourself more opportunities to develop excitement in the exotic world of the middle (the antagonist's world).

Antagonists create subplots in the middle and help create the tension and conflict that leads up to the antagonist climax which serves as the protagonist's crisis.

As you pre-plot for NaNoWriMo, be sure to develop the antagonist(s) with the same attention to detail as you do your protagonist.

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