17 August 2012

Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture

What's everyone chasing, doing, after? What's all the action about? 

The answers to these questions may feel murky to you, even in the second and third drafts. Every time you stand back from the words and ask yourself these big picture questions, the clearer your story becomes to you. The clearer your story is to you, the more clearly you can convey the story to your readers.

The writer is writing a geo-political thriller from three points of view. Each point-of-view character represents the sensibilities of his/her own country of origin. When the end of the beginning scene explodes from a bomb, the reader is shown the carnage and impressions of the dastardly deed from each point of view, providing individual insight into the three different customs, beliefs, rules and regulations, politics, and reactions based on the influence of each individual country on each character.

Because of this presentation, the nations and politics take on characteristics of actual characters in the story and contributes to the bigger picture coming into view.

Giving input from different points of view allows for a much broader sense of a much bigger picture beyond the moment-by-moment scene and links the scenes beyond the actual setting into the psyche of the world around the characters. This adds a depth and richness to the piece and is, of course, vitally important to this particular writer and her geo-political thriller story.

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