02 July 2012

Interwoven Plot Lines

A writer has developed a complex dramatic action plot with terrific pacing and lots of excitement.

Often he struggles when asked why the protagonist does what he does. He becomes especially flummoxed when the probing deepens. Yes, the protagonist takes the action he takes to advance the dramatic action. What in the protagonist's character emotional development makes that action real to him and him alone?

The particular writer I mention here is a male writer writing a dramatic action-driven story and seems to be suffering what many dramatic action-driven writers and any writer does when attempting to impose action on the story.

Dramatic action for dramatic action's sole sake sin't enough.

Character emotional development for character emotional development's sole sake isn't enough. Nor is a profound meaning for meaning's sake alone.

The protagonist's pursuit of what the she wants and is having a heck of a time getting, reflects an intelligent impulse to evolve through self-awareness and points to that part of herself that struggles to transform.

The protagonist's unique actions and reactions, beliefs and thoughts point to the flawed part in her, the part that holds the key to the deeper meaning of her struggle.

The specific details of the protagonist's backstory are not nearly as important as the limitations left as a result of her backstory wound and are wrapped up in the mystery that translates into the meaning of her life and thus, all of our lives.

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