05 June 2010

You Promised to Write Your Story Today

Dear Linda,
I don't know if you really promised me but I have down today is the day you planned earlier in the week to devote to your book.

Before you tick off all reasons hanging out needing to to be done first, take a deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Enter into the belief that today is for your plot, your story, yourself (so long as the time spent on yourself is good for your story, too).

It's like giving yourself your own special day with a focus on devoting yourself to your writing.

Sounds pretty decadent, doesn't it?

Only it's not. Watch all the dancing toward and away (resistance) from this. Writing is hard work so long as resistance is involved or the belief of not being good enough, not enough time, what's the point?

The key is to continue putting words down on paper.

Open word.doc.

Off with email.

Internet turned off.

Over and out...