24 June 2010

Plot in Children's Picture Books

Today is my turn to blog about a new picture book: Out of the Way! Out of the Way! by Uma Krishnaswami and illustrated by Uma Krishnaswamy.

Uma's story set off a series of questions in my own mind in regards to plot. Plot is what I do and the fact I have not yet answered the questions and thus not found my angle for my blog post gives me pause. My apologies.

The opportunity to explore plot based on her picture book compels me to explore the possibilities. That necessitates that Uma and I communicate a bit first which throws my piece of her tour off the timeline. To read Uma's beautifully written generosity and patience, go to: Writing with a Broken Tusk.

We're going to work together on a couple of questions I have and I’ll have a post ready for you on Monday.

My apologies to any of you coming here to learn more about Out of the Way! Out of the Way!

Thank you for your patience.