23 March 2010

Opposite of Foreshadowing

A recent post about Foreshadowing talks how every paragraph, sentence, word in the Beginning (1/4) introduces or foreshadows the character emotional development, dramatic action, thematic significance.

The opposite is also true.

Anything you introduce in the Beginning (1/4), the savvy reader knows on some level is important to the overall story.

Therefore, be careful about every word you use. If you use dark and ominous words in the Beginning, the reader expects the story overall will be dark and ominous. If you introduce a gun, the reader knows violence is coming, likely even death by gunshot. If you introduce sweetness and light, the reader expects the story to reflect the same.

Of course, you can switch things up later and turn the tables, so to speak.

Just make sure you know what you're doing and why.

Make your words count, every single one of them...

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