29 September 2014

The Power of Transforming Beliefs to Reach the End

He sees himself and all of life differently after the Crisis. The vision that inspires him to change / transform lives at the dream level. People who no longer fit in the new vision and illusions he's lugged with him everywhere drop away.

Freed energy fires him to act. Changing / transforming the beliefs that keep him small and wounded and scared and angry is much more difficult.

He shows his protagonist changing immediately after the crisis. Yet, rather than instantaneous because of power of the epiphany, old beliefs are stubborn beliefs. Thus, the steep line to the climax on the Plot Planner.

The way forward is unknown and treacherous while he is at least familiar with the past / a way of life. When he / you turn sluggish, reinvigorate his / your concrete, tangible goals. Goal setting from here on out is important for him to reach his goal and for you to reach your dream.

Write your goal in red lipstick on your bathroom mirror. Remember what's truly important to you now that you know.

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