25 September 2014

Plot Prompts How to Write a Story with a Plot from Beginning to End

Getting back to the story I abandoned last year when the build-up to Dark Night Energetic Marker and crisis turned too emotional for me to write feels empowering now, a worthy tribute to my own personal climax.

To prepare, I flip through my worn and post-it noted copy of The Plot Whisperer Book of Prompts: Easy Exercises to Get You Writing (a Story with Plot from Beginning to End), searching for the prompt where I left off writing.

Thanks to the handy little Record section of the book, I spot my last entry and am greeted by Affirmation Prompt #52.

Each of the 120 prompts includes 1) an Affirmation Prompt, 2) a Plot Prompt appropriate for that particular place in a story with a plot and 3) a Writing Prompt.

The Affirmation invites me into a place of safety and I feel a rush of excitement to finish...

Join me and write that story you never finished. Today I write!
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