19 June 2012

Two New Plot Series Up on Vlog

I went to upload the first video in a new Youtube plot series -- Plot Tips -- only to discover 3 videos I had filmed for a different new plot series -- Plot Glossary -- never uploaded and had completely forgotten about.

So... I'm happy to share with you two new plot series for your viewing pleasure.

My plan is to upload a new video for each of the two plot series every Tuesday.

Next week:
  • Plot Tips Series covers Plotting Out Your Writing Time 
  • Plot Glossary Series gives the definition of plot

Until then, check out the new plot series.

Plot Tip Series:
Plot Glossary Series:
(NOTE: For those of you who had trouble masking out the background noise in the How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay Series and Monday Morning Plot Book Group Series, the Plot Tips series has been filmed in a quiet, indoor location. Though the first three videos in the Plot Glossary Series that are up now were filmed outside, from now on that series, too, will also be filmed indoors.)

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