28 June 2012

A Case of Subplot Overload

Subplots reign in the Middle (1/2) of novels, memoirs, and screenplays. Developing a few is a good tip if you find yourself slogging through writing the Middle and tempted to go back and begin again.

Keep in mind: too great a proliferation of subplots confuse the splendor of the primary plot.

A character-driven story set in the exotic worlds of the Ivy League and Wall Street. Dysfunctional and self-abusive behaviors based on the archetypal back-story wound of having witnessed and taken part in the socially acceptable behavior and subtle practice of devaluating and belittling the mother by a cruel father and a pair of impressionable boys.

Each one of these elements forms a subplot that supports the thematic significance of the entire story as do the addictions that consistently take him down: bulimia, then pornography, and alcohol and drug abuse, and the steps he takes to heal.

Each of these subplots contribute to his primary plot. Contribute to... not overshadow.

Plot Tip:
Craft only the number of subplots necessary to best support the primary plot. Prioritize each subplot based on how each best contributes to the overall story.
Push minor subplots to the background or, when need-be, let them go entirely.
Remember: Not every subplot deserves a front-row seat in your story.

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