28 October 2011

Day Ten: 2-Week NaNoWriMo-themed Blog Book Tour for the New Plot Whisperer Book

In celebration of the final day in the two-week blog tour and the successful release of The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, I am giving away 4 free autographed copies of the book.

To enter, simply comment on each of the three following blogs AND for the book and a Scene Tracker Kit, leave a comment at every single blog on the tour and listed on the Master Schedule below. As one writer says: "I feel like I just took in a 2 hour writing workshop in a few minutes." Drawing happens next week. Time to be determined. Check back for details...

Today The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master is featured at 3 blogs:

*Friday, October 28th
Uma Krishnaswami

I met Uma years ago during a plot consultation. That she teaches writing in the MFA/Writing for Children and YA program of Vermont College of Fine Arts and came to me for plot help thrilled me -- both that she came from such a prestigious literary school and that she came from such a prestigious literary school.

When a new picture book of hers came out, I was honored to host a stop on her blog tour for: Out of the Way! Out of the Way! Hers was only the second blog tour I had had first-hand experience with. The first experience had left an unpleasant feeling when I found out that the piece I had posted on my blog was a generic one she had posted elsewhere.

I wanted to write something about plot, being the plot whisperer and all, but... I couldn't find a plot. I challenged myself and in the process saw deeper into the true energy of the Universal Story. To read my review of her book,
In her interview with me about the Plot Whisperer book, she once again challenges me about plot...

Linda Joy Myers (President, National Association of Memoir Writers) at Memories and Memoirs
Linda and I met each other years ago through Teresa LeYung Ryan. Linda has always been passionate about teaching wounded people how to use memoir writing as a healing tool. As the women she works with begin to heal, they also get serious about their writing. Linda would lead a procession of car from the San Francisco bay area to my home in Los Gatos bearing the yummiest and gooey-est and still warm chocolate muffins.

Linda always swept in with a spirit of discovery. Because she did, everyone else did, too. Because of Linda's warm and real and accepting embrace, the depth to which we could move into plot and the Universal Story revealed yet another layer.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi
 at Inky Girl
I smile as I write this and, at the same time, I am speechless...

Truly, I am speechless...

Go see for yourself the most incredible, amazing, generous, loving, incredible... did I already say that? I could say it 1000 times more and still not convey the depth of my gratitude to Debbie. What a talent...

Master Schedule of the 2-week blog tour for the Plot Whisperer book.

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