22 October 2011

Book Launch Party

Last week, after seeing The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master blog touroff to a great start, I introduced the new book to a packed house at my local bookstore: Capitola Book Cafe. One estimate had it at 150 people (truly humbling) two of whom were young girls with their mothers.

As some of you know, my dream is to stand toe-to-toe with the big boys who current reign supreme in the plot world. I want to represent plot from a woman's pov and balance the discussion...

I was thrilled when I was writing the book and my editor never even blinked when I used "she" as the generic reference rather than "he" throughout the book.

I lovingly and predominately showcase women's fiction and women writers. 

That two young girls may read the book while they are still young makes me dreamy and giddy at the same time. Dreamy about the stories those girls will write and giddy about our future as more and more young girls and women find and write their truths. Not the truths we were brought up to believe but our own individual true and creative selves as women and mothers and daughters and wives and sisters and friends.

One of the greatest thrills of the book talk -- besides the 150 people who attended (thank you! I hope soon to have pictures to share) -- came hours after the actual event. Way past midnight, the house quiet and the moon (visions and dreams) bright, I check in on the blog tour and then sweep through the social media and stumble upon a list of tweets  where @plotwhisperer is mentioned several times by the same person with the same Twitter icon for each tweet in the sequence.

A woman and writer in the audience tweeted about the event in real time. I had the chance to review the night through her list of tweets. 

I don't know but something tickles me about that -- live, social commentary.

This has been an amazing week. 

Thank you for coming along on the whistle stop book tour. At least 4, perhaps 5? books were given away last week. I'm hoping for as many or more in this next week beginning on Monday and running everyday through Friday. 

I hope to announce a surprise blogger on Monday who will compliment Shreve's stop and share with you my two favorite writers of all time.

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