02 January 2011

Happy 2011

Thanks to each of you who followed along on the 3rd Annual International Plot Writing Month also known as PostNaNoPlotPerfection aka PlotWriMo for writers intent on crafting a story that is pleasing to the reader and perhaps on finding a bit of enlightenment along the way.

My hope is from following along all last month, you now have a new sense of your story and are energized to undertake a major rewrite, starting... today!

Good luck to you.

I continue into the New Year with the YouTube Plot Series: How Do I Plot A Novel, Memoir, Screenplay series, adding a new video with yet another element of creating a story every week. I address plot issues I see crop up in plot consultations I do with writers around the world. Hope to see you there.

We're running a contest, in conjunction with the plot series. For information on how to win a free overnight at an amazing bed and breakfast in Santa Cruz or a free plot consultation, go to Santa Cruz Traveling Mystery Tour.

Here's to success with all the writing goals you've set for yourself this year.