01 January 2015

Writing a Story is Like a Vision Quest

When you give birth to the dream of writing a novel, finishing a screenplay or publishing a memoir, you travel the same journey your protagonist does.

The journey offers the gift of transformation, one that is often deep and profound.

However, along the way to crafting a story and living a writer’s life, it is easy to get detoured. You find yourself wandering aimlessly and meeting one dead-end moment after another.

Whether you're in the flow of writing a story or stalled and blocked, there comes a time in all of our lives when you feel pushed to separate from all you know and wander off alone in search of meaning. People of all ages undergo this powerful journey.

A map comes in handy.

I have that map and I'm eager to share it with you.

Though writing a novel, memoir, screenplay can takes years, on a traditional Native American vision quest, one spends several days and nights alone in nature. This solitary time in nature connects fundamental forces and spiritual energies of creation and self-identity to reveal profound insight about yourself, your story, your purpose and destiny in life and the world around you.

I invite you on a vision quest with the help of the Universal Story. Like most vision quests under the guidance of an elder, I serve in that capacity. I use many of the same ideas I developed to help writers create a compelling plot for their stories to help you reconnect to your intended spiritual and life purpose.
  • Are you standing at a turning point uncertain which way to go?
  • Is the view around you muddy? 
  • Days drag?
  • Going through the motions?
  • Wondering where you lost your passion?
The wilderness we travel together isn't in a forest or by a secluded lake. Our journey is an inward one taken wherever you feel a sense of safety. You won't be asked to be sleep deprived or shut in a small room to commune with the other side. Simple exercises are designed to take you there in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to fast and wait for a Guardian animal or force of nature to provide you with a vision or dream and give guidance for your life. Rather than stumble about alone, this program guides to fully understand the true power that resides in you and in your stories.

In the end, you'll returns to your old life transformed and with a new direction in life which will cause all those around you to shift and change as well.

Special $9.99 
2015 Plot Whisperer Beta-Membership includes BOTH: 
  • The Spiritual Guide for Writers Video Program
  • 27-Step Tutorial: How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay Video Program
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