13 December 2014

The Universal Story: As Your Story Evolves, You Evolve Too

Universal is characteristic of the whole, covering the entire collective, everyone and everything.
Story is an account of events in the evolution of something. 

The Universal Story embodies both these parts. An account of events in the evolution of something characteristic of the whole.

With no true beginning and no end -- though we often believe we can pinpoint the moment a new life is born, the true end of life -- when you begin writing a story, you jump right into the middle of the universal flow of things and fly in the current. Coming into existence, bound up and separated from all you know a struggle ensues. Finally free, transformation happens.

The Universal Story flows endlessly. Within the collective, each moment, each scene, every life begins, struggles and grows, transforms, dies off and begins again. Beginnings, middles and ends to beginnings, middles.., each part of the whole. The Universal Story sends all our stories, all our lives spiraling upward, evolving, transforming, dying off and becoming again.

I teach writers about the Universal Story with Plot Planners to better see the whole of of their stories and how each scene fits into the collective of the Universal Story.

Each of us benefits from considering our own personal stories and lives against the backdrop of a broader reality and the Universal Story

Writing a story with a plot takes you on an epic journey.

Integrate the analytical, linear and plot elements of writing with the intuitive, imaginative and spiritual elements of writing.

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