13 June 2014

Beginnings Hook Readers. Endings Create Fans

Ten reasons why I nearly always begin a plot workshop, consultation, presentation at the Climax and why you should begin with ideas about what happens at the end of your story and plot your way to the beginning:
  1. Fresh start 
  2. Shakes things up
  3. Pulls writers out of their comfort zone
  4. Forces writers to move beyond the character's backstory into the real story
  5. Key elements reveal themselves at the end
  6. How to portray the character in the beginning emerges from how the character acts at the end
  7. When you know how your story ends, you are better able to determine where to begin your story
  8. Most writers write the beginning 100 times and are lucky if they write the climax even once
  9. Writing the end seals the promise you can write from the beginning and get there
  10. The climax becomes the beacon that guides you to finish
Need more help with your story? 
  • Ready for a massive rewrite? Re-vision first!
  • Confused about what you're really trying to convey in your story?
  • Lots of action, no character development? Lots of character development and no action?
  • Looking for tips to prop up your middle with excitement? 
  • Wish you understood how to show don't tell what your character is feeling? 
  • Are even you sometimes bored with your own story?
  • Long to form your concept into words? 
We can help you with all of that and so much more! View your story in an entirely new light. Recharge your energy and enthusiasm for your writing.

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