10 May 2014

Catching Time to Write or Making Time?

Sounds like the difference between those of us who jump right in and write and those who plan and pre-plot first -- pantser or plotter?

The moment words appear on the page, differences cease to exist -- all writers transcend time and space. Whether you're writing to escape your real life, to feel a sense of control over some aspect of your life, resolve bad feelings, define your beliefs, find meaning in some bad or sad or negative experience, share your passion, follow your heart writing becomes a Zen-like practice of calm and centering, balance and order, belief and trust, openness and heart.

In our fast-paced, crowded lives, one writer snatches waiting moments to connect to her writing while another methodically removes all interferences each for the express purpose of letting minds wander and daydream and of repetitiously writing one word after another.

Whatever best serves you, writing scenes at the same time in the same place every day or here and there and everywhere you can manage, keep going. Finish the draft you're writing all the way to the end. Then comes the fun part -- standing back from all those words and revising them into a satisfying and coherent story. That comes later. For now...

Today I write!
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