06 February 2014

CBS News Sunday Morning Show -- Oscar Sunday

Are we rewarded when, rather than run and hide, we choose to face our fears and own our own story?

I'm one to answer with a resounding yes! This latest reward, however, far exceeds any gift I've ever imagined. I remember maybe ten years ago, a publicist chiding me for not thinking big enough. Then, I couldn't have even taken in the opportunity recently presented to me. After taking years to understand what she meant and to begin breaking out of the box I'd locked myself in, even now, I float along the surface of this life-changing gift.

Someone on the CBS Sunday Morning Show team read a blog post, Are Negative Reviews a Form of Bullying?, I'd sweated over, stalled to write and stalled even longer to post. The post about the negative effects of negative reviews, criticism and judgement is personal and was difficult for me to own. That those words and that effort landed before a producer… I have no words.

We speak on the phone and after he asks me questions pertinent to his vision of the segment, he explains how he and the woman to interview me and a camera crew will fly out of NYC to SF, rent a car, drive to Santa Cruz, tape, drive back and take the red-eye home to NYC all in the same day. He mentions a bit about the filming and I assure him I'm comfortable in front of the camera thanks to videos I film for my vlog, How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay?. He says he knows, that he's watched them all. I had no clue at the time we filmed on a lark that the videos would prove such an asset.

A friend on Facebook made the comment "gasp!" Honestly, every time I actually think about the actual event, what's exactly been offered to me -- a thrill bubbles over me and I gasp…

For an opportunity to speak about the effects of negative self-talk and critiques and rejections have one writers I know and work with feels like the most incredible gift. (I'll post more details about the big event as I learn them!)

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