20 June 2013

The Halfway Point of Your Novel, Memoir, Screenplay

The second major turning point hits exactly halfway through your story. Something happens to force the protagonist's willing and conscious commitment to the successful completion of her goal.

Throughout all the drama in the middle beams a bright and steady light at the second energetic marker. When the protagonist most wants to run the other way, this is the precise moment for her and for you to forge ahead instead.

 After recommitting to her goal(s) at the halfway point, or for the reluctant hero committing for the first time, the protagonist feels the energy in her life turn and rise in significance. This energetic surge is a warning to the reader. Wake up. Be alert. A crisis is coming.

Writing prompt:
Show your protagonist on a teeter-totter, sliding between the fear of going forward into the unknown and the urge to go back and start again. Faced with the potential of loss and failure, rather than give up, show her reconnect and recommit to her goal, her desire, her dream through the actions she takes.

Personal prompt:
These photos celebrate spring turning to summer as the year approaches the halfway mark. Perfect time to recommit to your writing and plotting goal(s).

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Today, I write.

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