04 March 2013

Better Writer or Storyteller?

Results of writing survey at Plot Whisperer page on Facebook asking:

Are you a better writer than storyteller?
Storyteller than writer?
Great at both?

The majority of writers indicate they feel themselves better writers than storyteller. Many writers who answered thus bemoaned that they aren't better storytellers. "When I read books, I think to myself -- how can I ever get this amount of words and intricate ideas onto paper," writes one writer. Another writer wrote, "better writer...sigh."

One writer points out the "difficulty about the question is that we can't objectively judge" the quality of our writing style -- "the only real test is to be read," and now in the digital age "we can begin to have some idea of whether we can really communicate a good story."

Oral storytelling came up with a couple of writers though the intent of the survey was to assess your strength between the two written acts.

A writer points to what she sees as a "large group of writers who think "good writing" is all about style and that story is separate."

So, let me ask you:

Are you a better writer than storyteller?
Storyteller than writer?
Great at both?

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