03 February 2013

How to Create More Dramatic Action in Your Novel, Memoir, Screenplay

Prompt 11 in The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts: Easy Exercises to Get You Writing prompts you to introduce and develop a major antagonist for your novel, memoir, screenplay.

In many character-driven stories, the antagonist that most interferes with the protagonist reaching her goal is herself -- an internal antagonist. However, by always or whenever possible, creating a secondary character or even a major viewpoint character who acts as an external antagonist allows for external action rather than internal monologue. With an external antagonist on the page facing the protagonist, the action you write will always be dramatic and, so long as the antagonist is in control, those scenes always belong above the Plot Planner line.

Finding that exact right character is not always easy. The difficulty likely stems from the same issue I wrote about in the previous two blog posts as it has to do with maximizing the crisis. Women writers often resist, fear, shy away from and avoid having to create a dark side to their stories.

My advice: As in all other aspects of writing a story from beginning to end:

  • Face the fear
  • Challenge yourself to dig deep
  • Write what comes.

Knowing what to write where in a story with a plot allows for a more loving relationship with your writing. Whether writing a first draft or revising, if you falter wondering what comes next in a story with a plot, follow the prompts in The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts: Easy Exercises to Get You Writing.

Today, I write.

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