02 January 2010

After PlotWriMo

Give yourself permission to follow your energy.

If you have energy to write something even if it means writing and rewriting, so be it.

Just remember, you are not looking for perfection here, you are looking to build the structure on which to rest the story (1st draft) or (subsequent drafts) opportunities to dig deeper and, as Kate Braverman once said to me: find the doors and open them.

Do like Hollywood movie directors and cup your hands around one eye like a telescope. Write about that one moment in your story.

If it takes you time, fine. Just make sure you revise your expectations (goals, dreams) of when you will reach the end.

  • Do I finish draft by (insert date)?
  • Do I reach that goal when I get there
Either way is fine. Do it.

Better yet.

Forget the expectations.

Surrender to the incredible gift of writing.

Let the story unfold as it does.

Keep showing up.

You'll get there...