05 August 2008


I never write two posts in one day. I'm lucky if I get in one a week. Rather than do what I should be doing -- getting my free monthly Plot Tips eZine out to awaiting writers -- I procrastinate instead.

My procrastination took the form of reading a couple of writers blogs new to me. In one, a writer hesitantly and respectfully reported he had started a new project, mere sentences -- a tender blade barely broken out of the earth. Still, he was writing.

I congratulated him with enthusiasm. A story of 80,000 words begins with just one.......

I went on to tell him that I usually caution writers not to talk too much about about what you're writing about -- you can talk it to death. Talk all the energy right out of it

Since blogging seems to have replaced verbal communication, it seemed only right that the same must apply to him -- he was blogging about his writing. Granted, not any specifics about his project, but still....

I could be wrong however. Sometimes it seems as if blogging about the process has become the new process. Not the means to the end, but the end itself???

Is that why I'm blogging right now and not working on my WIP? What's your excuse??? Why are you reading this and not working on your work-in-progress???