12 January 2015

Writers: Enliven Your Imagination and Embrace the Miraculous

Dictionary definition of Imagination:
  • The capacity to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen / experienced / isn't real
  • The skill of thinking new things
  • Creative ability
  • Something that exists or happens in your mind
Does imagination come from our minds? Is it a brain-based skill? Or, does it come from outside of us like the muse? To embrace the miraculous demands an openness to all possibilities and a whimsical imagination.

In today's world, we often use our imaginations to imagine the worst. We're dissuaded from being led by fancy and persuaded to follow reason. In fear of appearing childish, we overrule our imagination with logic.

Writers benefit from a vivid imagination. An inward journey takes you back, back before any wounding, all the way back to the imaginations of our innocence. Imagination opens us to embrace all choices, alternatives, solutions. Suddenly, we're surrounded by the miraculous.

If my 95-year old mother believed the vision of birds in a far-off nest impossible and improbable because of her macular degeneration, the vision disappears. That she has an openness to the impossible and amazing, astounding, remarkable, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable, sensational, and even what could be viewed as highly improbable and extraordinary, she experiences a miracle. The blind seeing.

Swirling thoughts as I film the next exercise for:

Led by intuition, inspiration and enthusiasm, I wade deeper into the spiritual waters of creativity. Join me!

This is the year you start believing in miracles… again and, like my mom, daily live the wonder of birds fly to and fro a distant tree.

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