26 April 2014

Character Consistency

I've been gushing about character transformation since the moment I first grasp the ultimate gift awaiting the protagonist and reader and the writer at the Climax based on lessons learned and conflict and tension endured.

The antagonist's world in the middle is not simply to throw road blocks to knock the protagonist from her path to what she thinks she wants. A deeper and more lasting point of the conflict and challenges in the middle are the lessons, skills, abilities, knowledge, beliefs buried in the interaction with other characters (relationships).

Character transformation is cumulative and spans the entire story.

To be successful, you're best served by tracking for character consistency in every single scene.

One method is with a Scene Tracker. The column to address is Character Emotional Development.

  • Beginning quarter = introduce character traits 
  • Middle = deepen and break traits 
  • End = reveal a changed and transformed character
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