03 September 2013

It's Going to Take all Your Strength & Your Protagonist's, too, to Lift Your Novel, Memoir, Screenplay to a Climax

A writer who readily admits she struggles with plot and feels pulled to write about characters and relationships did the heavy lifting. She wove together character emotional development with exciting dramatic action and thematic significance.

Trouble arrives after the climax. The story continues... for quite awhile, many scenes, in some of which the protagonist is downright passive. Finally, comes the resolution and true end.

When the writer complains how her subplots carry the same weight as the main plot, she reveals the solution to her problem. Rather than compete with the through-line of the story, subplots serve the primary plot. What is the primary plot? The protagonist's core conflict.

In this instance, the core conflict centers around accepting and understanding the gift the protagonist is born with and has denied her entire life. Yes, finding and facing her father is key to the protagonist's successful completion to her goal. The true climax, however, shows the protagonist using her gift consciously. She doesn't have to be successful. Sometimes, failure reveals the true gift is a nice plot twist. Or, as the writer says: sometimes when you look for one thing, you find something else you truly need instead. The protagonist does have to take action showing her embracing her gift.

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