12 July 2013

Plot Planner Examples

Magic happens yet again.

A writer with a very successful first book needs help with her second. Her problem? Not uncommon ~ years and years of working on the first book, layer upon layer, input, changes, rewrites, drafts and drafts, enough to make a writer wonder:

"How did I do it? And how will I ever be able to do it again? Only faster this time?"

With a Plot Planner in front of me, I start asking questions and encourage the ideas rolling around in her head to tumble out.

Characters emerge, flaws and all. Setting is established. Some of the middle of the middle "new world" ideas provide stimulus for scenes. Anatgonists appear. The Crisis comes into view. The Climax is a bit murkier. By the end of a couple of hours, the Plot Planner reveals enough scenes for the writer to get started and, with luck, end the Beginning with a bang. Even enough to trot into the MIddle and perhaps to finish a rough, rough first draft, providing she does not fall prey to the monsterous going-back-to-the-beginning syndrome.

In anticipation of writing this post and my desire to share Plot Planner examples of classic stories and other random examples, I set up a Plot Planner board on Pinterest. Hope you'll take a look and a follow along as I attempt to offer more visual plot support for writers.

The Plot Planner provides form and structure enough to tame chaos and bring meaning to all the ideas rolling around in a writer's head. I'll be curious to learn how far she gets with what we were able to do in a couple of hours.

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Today, I write.

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