15 January 2013

Character Flaw: Fatal?

You decide or rather the protagonist decides whether her flaw is fatal. Perhaps her flaw has already killed off something important to her. She doesn't yet admit that to herself and isn't conscious of her part in her own demise. That's coming much later. For now, simply identifying her flaw itself can be difficult to pin down.

Prompt #8 provides an opportunity to revisit what you may have already started --a Character Emotional Development Profile. On pages 33 and 34 in the PWWorkbook I've dedicated  to this new story, I've stuck a tab for easy reference. Now, out of the scribbles I jotted down when I started the story,  the character begins to emerge. I knew what she loved as she started the story. Only now do I discover a deeper love, the love she had before inflicted with a backstory wound. Same thing happens with her flaw. Earlier, I'd identified an overt, obvious flaw. Only now do I discover the flaw that developed out of her backstory wound. It's become a mantra to her, a belief that runs her life and is out to destroy her. What has your character revealed? So far....

Today is Prompt #9 for me.

Today, I write.

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