19 September 2012

Scene Tracker & Rewriting

Even after all these years I delight every time I see a plot planner or scene tracker filled in. Each of the notation on this writer's scene tracker is clear and precise and the scenes flow naturally one scene to the next.

Ready for her first major rewrite, she's fumbling around, moving words. All the while, the naysayers in her mind are growing in strength. I can hear it in her voice. She's wobbly, ready to throw up her hands. Her steel resolve to finish this historical novel of 5 years is also detectable and could be the only thing keeping her going.

She's desperate for a way back into her story, not just rewriting to rewriting but inspired and eager for this next draft.

Thing is, she's one of the lucky ones. Her plot and structure are sound. Therefore, she is not undertaking a major revision. Rather, she "gets" to go back in her story and develop the skeleton she's developed. In my mind, that's the best part of writing.

The Scene Tracker gives her a way into her rewrite. The entire column under Emotional Change for nearly every scene is blank. The more I explain the significance of that column to her overall story, her voice lightens. Before long, she is interjecting ideas, fully involved and recommitted.

The best way into a rewrite is to focus on that #1 aspect of the story that is missing or could be deepened -- conflict, character, theme, emotion.

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