07 May 2012


In the middle of my keynote plot workshop, I begin to pick up a dull hum in the background of the main ballroom. Pre-occupied with holding my balance as I launch more than 200 writers deeper into their stories, I flick away the distraction like an irritating fly. The noise grows more distinct. A couple of writers are talking at one of the seats-eight round dining tables strewn with papers and plot planners. Their conversation persists into my explanation of the next step of the workshop. Others at the table scoot their chairs away from the voices to focus on mine.

I turn toward the chatting duo.

"I have difficulty masking out background noise." The last thing I want is to embarrass anyone.

Perhaps I said more. All I remember is feeling calm in the silence that followed my words.

After the keynote, I received lots of gratitude from writers for speaking up. Later, upon my return home, more thanks came via email. Also in my inbox was a note from a writer taking full responsibility for the disruption.

She adds after her apologies that she was giddy over the light-bulb moment she had about her story and had to share it with her friend.
What can I say to that? Her excuse reflects exactly my stated intention for the keynote: to take the writers deeper into the plot and structure of their stories... At least for that writer, I know I succeeded.
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