11 April 2012

Crisis versus Climax

She's confused about the difference between the crisis and the climax, and this is after a 5-hour plot intensive (where we began with the climax first and then moved to the beginning). She admits to having reread chapters in my book and watched a couple of videos again. Still confused.

"What is the difference between the crisis that brings the protagonist to her knees and the climax?"

Then she briefly relates a beginning with unusual characters and a protagonist with a concrete and relatable goal. Good start.

She then jumps to a description of one of the scenes she's confused about. It's a classic crisis, the kind that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. This is where the protagonist is attacked and brought to her knees. She dies to whom she has always been, never to return to innocence. Terrific crisis.

Next is a classic threshold of understanding and personal insight. (Dori for her mother)

The story ends with an easy though satisfying climax where the transformed protagonist stands firm in her own, newly found or rediscovered personal power and makes the right choice. (Dori's refusal).

The key scenes are always there though often difficult to peel apart from all the words until a writer stands back and sees each scene in relationship to all the other scenes on a Plot Planner.

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