28 November 2011

PlotWriMo: A Gift a Day throughout December

I learned about a family oversight from my niece Shreve Stockton, founder and author of The Daily Coyote. My 91-year-old mother never had her own advent calendar. When I was a kid, she cut and decorated advent boards for my three siblings and me and hung tiny gifts from hooks, one for each day until Christmas. When my sisters grew up and had their own families, they made and decorated advent boards for their children every year but never one for my mom... until this year. The delight in her voice is like a warm hug as she describes the gifts dangling in front of her and tempting her these last couple of days before the big day -- December 1st and start of the fun.

Imagine this blog during December as an advent board I cut and decorated just for you and ladened with an everyday shiny new gift taking you deeper into your story and yourself.

No peeking until the big day -- December 1st and PlotWriMo begins.

To familiarize yourself with the Universal Story and the basic plot terms we'll be using throughout December:
1) Watch the Plot Series: How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? on YouTube. A directory of all the steps to the series is to the right of this post. 27-step tutorial on Youtube

3 Watch the Monday Morning Plot Book Group Series on YouTube. A directory the book examples and plot elements discussed is to the left of this post.

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