21 August 2011

Evolution of a Book -- Part Four: Plotting a Book Launch

A book launch is like a wedding, a birthday, a coming out party, a graduation. Two people present themselves as individuals and ceremoniously become a couple. We throw a party to celebrate the day we are born. Before family and friends, we introduce a child into adulthood. A book launch signifies the movement away from the private and ordinary world to the communal and part of the whole. It is a moment best marked with a party.

The wildest book launch on record for me is the party for Holly Payne's, The Sound of Blue: a Novel.

At Fort Mason in San Francisco, we bought books from stacks lining the wall and entered an enormous high ceiling room vibrating with music and packed with people. Her publisher sprang for the party with the drummer from the Grateful Dead and his band, and lights and cake.

My aunt reviews the classic Capitola launch party she gave for her last book To Make a House Complete as she plans one for her current book Walking For Our Lives coming out in September. A garden party spills into the street, balloons flying, cheeses from a local dairy and strawberries from local fields.

Back in 2005, I launched Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple at Capitola Book Cafe. My stomach still flips remembering all the people crammed between the book shelves and perched on tabletops. Now that it's time to launch The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master into the world, no question about it, Capitola Book Cafe is the perfect launch location for party.

The decision makes real to me that soon the book truly will be available to writers. I'm eternally grateful that Adams Media fast tracked the book to have it available on book shelves by October 15th. Having to wait any longer would do me in...

You are cordially invited to The Plot Whisperer book launch party
Tuesday, October 18th
Capitola, California

Further details are unfolding. There will definitely be food, though I'm not sure what. I'll talk about plot, perhaps more specifically pre-plot for writers interested in taking part in NaNo November? I'm not sure. I do know I want to include readers, too, and seekers. I'd like to bring all the aspects of the book to light: the Universal Story for writers, readers and seekers. Needs work.

Stay tuned for book launch surprises and prizes to come...

The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of the Universal Story Structure Any Writer Can Master released by Adams Media October 2011. Available now for pre-order!

For immediate tips about the Universal Story and writing a novel, memoir or screenplay, visitPlot Series: How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? on YouTube. A directory of all the steps to the series is to the right of this post. Enjoy!