03 June 2010

What Do You Stand to Lose?

I've fallen into the habit of asking writers to fill out the Character Emotional Development Plot Profile for themselves as well as for their protagonist. One question more than all others reveals depth of passion.

QUESTION: What do you stand to lose if you do not accomplish your writing goal?


I've lost my way and haven't been able to find it again

The evil voices will be proven correct


My story will not make it into the world



My self-esteem

A sense of accomplishment before the real deadline


Peace of mind

In the work I do with writers, I offer guidance about plot and structure and meaning in relationship to the protagonist's ultimate transformation. I also strive to provide insight into the writer's journey.

Writing is a solitary activity and can make you feel cut-off and separate and alone. Until, that is, you attend your first writers conference, join a critique group, form a writing group, read blogs like this one. 

Everyone who creates something out of nothing questions themselves. Who am I to write?

All writers revise endlessly.

No one knows what they truly are writing about. 

Every writer is shy about the choices they make. 

My greatest hope for you is to remember we all start a story the same--one word on the page at a time and to encourage you to feel your way to how this next author answers when asked the same question: 

What do you stand to lose if you are unsuccessful at achieving your writing goal?

Not a thing. Everything is as it should be...