14 May 2010

Happy Birthday Blockbuster Plots

Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple (BBP) turns six years old today!

Never I will forget the many times I limped from my writing cave, whining that I need more time, the book isn't good enough, I'm not good enough. Over and over again, my very supportive, finger-pointing husband banished me back to my cave to finish.

BBP had many editors, one of whom is the famed Melanie Rigney and one-time editor of Writers Digest. Even so, the first printing was filled with typos. I didn't even see them. The moment I held the bright red ball of light in my hands, I was... geez, every adjective I reach for is so cliched and unfitting for the actual moment of sublime contentment, awe, love, excitement...

That night I interviewed bestselling mystery writer Laurie R. King with my red book beside me. Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple rarely left my side that first year.

The heavily flawed first printing sold out quickly, thank goodness. I continue to edit and change and add big and little issues in every printing since then. (My deep desire is to write a 2nd edition...)

My gift to you for visiting this blog is just to say keep at it. Whether your first attempt or hundredth story, there is nothing like finishing and seeing your words in print and receiving reactions from readers, satisfied and otherwise... And, even more profound? You'll be transformed in the process...

(Oh, and in honor of the august occasion, I'm discounting all the Blockbuster Plot tools for writers. The deals are up on Blockbuster Plots for Writers.)